On the spot

On the spot, We’re packing on the spot

Our services include on-site packaging and the complete management of related work processes. During the on-site packaging tasks, the customer provides us with the venue, all other technical and technical backgrounds, and the packaging materials are delivered by our company.

With experienced staff, we perform special packaging tasks and preparation for shipment at the manufacturing site. A uniquely designed 50 million (HUF) insurance background guarantees our customers secure, complete project management that offers a solution for every case.

In many cases, moving large and heavy objects within a plant hall requires special knowledge and practice. Staff with experience in this field will help you work professionally and safely. For our customers, this service is not only a competitive advantage, but also an efficient and safe solution. We carry out this activity with European coverage, with on-site installation, a well-developed fleet of tools and equipment and the involvement of our own means of transport.


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    On-site survey
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    Sizing of equipment, machines and parts to be packaged
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    Defining anchorage and crane points
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    Packaging design
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    Manufacture of packaging materials
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    Locating on-site
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    Fixating equipment, machines, parts to be packed
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    Administration of phytosanitary documents

Our largest on-site
packaging so far

753 x 291 x 389 cm
CNC machining center
818 x 331 x 377 cm