Overseas packaging

The state-of-the-art packaging industry recognizes a variety of anti-corrosion packaging for marine transportation that protects the goods from corrosion during transportation. Our company uses the following methods or their combinations:

  • Dry packaging based on relative humidity reduction (vapour barrier film + dehumidifier)
  • VCI foil (VCI-containing materials are corrosion inhibitors that are continuously released from the solid phase in small amounts and then converted to gas on the surface to be protected. The gas fills the interior of the package and creates a passivating microclimate in the products environment, making it effective not only during direct contact, but also from a certain distance. The molecules of the VCI material fill the entire space of the packaging. The protective effect lasts for a long time, even up to years. This requires minimal air exchange of the packaging with the environment.)
  • Intercept corrosion protection foil

In addition to marine packaging, the packaging methods above are also suitable for storage packaging when long-term storage of some price is required.