Our competencies

Form for the content

To us, every assignment and every task is different.
Therefore, we work with the highest level of technical background and developed a highly flexible manufacturing technology.
Our products are mainly made of natural wood and wood-based sheet products, but we handle practically all raw materials suitable for packaging and product protection in a professional way.

Overseas packaging

The state-of-the-art packaging industry recognizes a variety of anti-corrosion packaging for marine transportation that protects the goods from corrosion during transportation.

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Crate, pallet production

Our company has a capacity suitable for the production of modern wooden packaging devices.

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Packaging design

The design of the packaging is carried out by our wood industry engineer and packaging technology engineer based on the previously received and assessed data.

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In order to perform the pre-assessed packaging task, we prepare an accurate price offer in all respects, the amount of which is fixed.

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Production of foils

We make the necessary foils, which correspond to the type of packaging, in our own foil factory.

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Container loading, container cargo securing

Goods and products placed in a container may move, slip or overturn due to effects during transport (vibration, acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.).

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