Manufacturing technology / infrastructure

Professional machines, experienced professionals

Our constantly evolving machine park and production technology are unique not only in the field of structural design, but also in the field of special thermal engineering and other chemical processes.

We consider the continuous training of our employees to be as important as the integration of state-of-the-art packaging manufacturing technologies into our manufacturing processes

In addition to traditional technologies, NC-controlled nail guns help with fast and efficient production for structural assembly work.

Technological processes

We make special packaging materials for a number of specialties where the type of goods or the regulations of the country of destination require that the raw materials used undergo a heat treatment or chemical treatment process.

In both areas, we have a sufficient level of technology background to serve high-volume orders.

In addition to our experience in the special handling of wood, we help our customers by administering processes and following other regulatory protocols.

Heat treatment technological processes

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    Heat treatment of wood according to ISPM 15 standard
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    Chemical impregnation (CPI)