GINOP-1.2.3-8-3-4-16-2017-00132 PROJECT

Beneficiary’s name: Baán Wood Trade and Service Limited Partnership
Project title: Capacity expansion investment at Baán Wood Trade and Service Limited Partnership
Amount of support: HUF 37,725,114
Aid intensity or amount: 30%
Actual Completion + Date: September 30, 2019
Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.3-8-3-4-16-2017-00132

Presentation of the project content:
The robust, easy-to-use Etalon multi vertical sheet cutting machine purchased within the framework of the project is suitable not only for use in the wood industry but also for cutting plastics and aluminium. As part of the development of our equipment, the company also purchased 1 ERREBI RAPID M5 5-axis NC-controlled pallet nailing table, which automatically enables precision manufacturing work which was not performed before, partly replacing the manual activity. Until now, the Company has not been able to perform precision manufacturing work on its own.
The project included the construction of a timber storage building at BAÁN Bt. 9181 Kimle, Kossuth L. u. 99. 029/30 hrsz site as a development of the currently operating wood industry plant. Within the framework of the investment, the 900m2 hall with a glued wooden roof structure and the paving works of the area under the wood storage were carried out on a 960m2 floor area.

The increase in infrastructural and machine capacity as a result of the development provides the Company with a better production background, enabling further expansion of the activity and raises the production to a higher level of processing than before, which results in an increase in added value. The Company undertakes to maintain the current or increasing number of staff during the maintenance period of the project.


Beneficiary’s name: BAÁN Wood Trade and Service Limited Partnership
Project title: Introduction of flexible employment at Baán LP
Amount of support: HUF 7,797,500
Aid intensity or amount: 100%
Actual Completion Date: December 31, 2017
Project identification number: GINOP-5.3.2-16-2016-00564

Presentation of the project content:
During the project, organizational regulations and HR documents were developed and amended as a result of consulting related to the reorganization of jobs and the introduction of a flexible form of employment. As part of the development, consulting, management and employee training and workshops related to the IT developments required for the proposed organizational, job and HR development were held: company opening meeting, mentor program development and workplace mentor employment, organizational structure examination and development, work-life balance workshop and attitude-forming module involving both employees and managers. During the change assessment meeting, the evaluation was conducted through joint workshops with the employees and managers concerned.

After mapping out IT development opportunities, the acquisition of IT tools required for the remote access wasconsidered necessary. A new business model has been developed to enable (and be a prerequisite for) the introduction of flexible forms of work, which has been built to partially resolve the constraints of working time (flexible working hours) and location (working outside the office / premises, e.g. at home).

All of the 6 employees involved in the introduction of flexible working arrangements were required to use a computer, so the basic criterion for providing remote access was the purchase of a sufficient number of laptops and related basic software.
A number of acquisitions were justified in the new business model: VPN and cloud-based storage/operating system, hardware, software, e-mail client, router, backup and parallel storage to meet the increased user needs and to cope with the large amount of data that comes with remote access andalso to meet the fundamentally changing information security data storage requirements, and the purchase of a high-resolution monitor for detailed technical plans.Within the framework of the project, 3 laptops with Office software package, 1 VPN and cloud-based data storage/operating system, 3 mass storage devices and 1 monitor were purchased.